Tortoise The Label

Tortoise The Label


If you have been wanting to build your wardrobe with basic staples & still care for the environment, Tortoise The Label is just brand for you!

Tortoise The Label is Singapore's first sustainable lifestyle brand offering affordable, waste-free & circular wardrobe basics.

Their mission is "to pave the path for a happier you-and a happier planet!". They believe in the 3 Cs which are:

CircularityFor this Tortoise, there's no finish line. Our Carrot Credit Recycling System strikes a balance between self and our environment by making way for all our pieces to be reused, upcycled and recycled.

CommunityWhen it comes to making positive change, there's definitely strength in numbers – and everyone on that journey matters equally. Tortoise The Label is made up of all who design, make, speak of, collaborate on and wear the label.

Capacity for ChangeWe accompany you on your journeys in the long-run by committing to improvement. From fit and material to delivery and returns to sustainability and ethics – we are constantly seeking ways to do better.

Most importantly, they are a cycle of life. There is no an end for them and it can go on for generations. What makes them unique and stands out from the rest is their Carrot Credit Recycling System. With these 4 simple steps of Wear, Return, Reward & Repeat!

WearStart your adventure with Tortoise at full price and love your piece to bits

ReturnGive them a second life by sending them back to us for upcycling or recycling

RewardEarn Carrot Credits (worth up to 20% of full price) to use on your next order

RepeatStart a new chapter with a new piece subsidised by your Carrot Credits

Every piece of your clothing is made by the same organic cotton fibre type that can as be fully biodegradable in case upcycling & recycling may not be possible.

With Tortoise The Label, even packaging comes in a form of a Tortoise TotePack, a tote bag x parcel mailer made from recycled plastic bottles. It can be brought out with you as an eco bag to carry things. Just send back your pieces in the Tortoise TotePack and the rest will be taken care of by the team!


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