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Hay creates innovative and functional furniture & home access to please the design-addicts.

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Colour Crate SColour Crate S
Colour Crate S Sale price$10.00
Six-Colour Bag Large
Six-Colour Bag Large Sale price$79.00
Colour Crate M
Colour Crate M Sale price$29.00
Everyday Tote Bag
Everyday Tote Bag Sale price$75.00
Hay Borosilicate Jug Small
Hay Borosilicate Jug Medium
Borosilicate Jar Large
Borosilicate Jar Large Sale price$119.00
Borosilicate Mug
Borosilicate Mug Sale price$99.00
Colour Sticks - Set of 4
Colour Sticks - Set of 4 Sale price$49.00
Candy Stripe XL - Blue, Red & WhiteCandy Stripe XL - Blue, Red & White
Candy Stripe M - Yellow & BlueCandy Stripe M - Yellow & Blue
Candy Stripe M - Blue, Red & WhiteCandy Stripe M - Blue, Red & White
Candy Stripe M - Blue & WhiteCandy Stripe M - Blue & White
Glass Spoons Round Set of 2