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Dr. Denim

Dr Denim launched in 2004 with the ambition of creating a lifestyle revolving around denim, and a design philosophy of creating contemporary interpretations of denim and clothing.

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Moxy StraightMoxy Straight
Moxy Straight Sale price$109.00
Omar Sale price$119.00
Frank Worker ShirtFrank Worker Shirt
Frank Worker Shirt Sale price$109.00
Zoe TopZoe Top
Zoe Top Sale price$49.00
Faye WorkerFaye Worker
Faye Worker Sale price$119.00
Ina Worker JacketIna Worker Jacket
Ina Worker Jacket Sale price$145.00
Lydia DungareesLydia Dungarees
Lydia Dungarees Sale price$149.00
Omar UtilityOmar Utility
Omar Utility Sale price$129.00
Echo UtilityEcho Utility
Echo Utility Sale price$129.00
Damien HoodieDamien Hoodie
Damien Hoodie Sale price$119.00
Echo Sale price$119.00