In 1993, the first ever FREITAG bag was invented by students, which later grew to become a hit among other students. Since then, FREITAG has been consistently creating more bags. As a form of gratitude to students who helped make the brand what it is today, F601 MALCOLM was developed for back-to-school season

Another addition to the ToP (Tarp on PET) series, F601 MALCOLM is an individualized backpack that's protected with a recycled piece of tarpaulin and made of a water-repellent fabric manufactured from empty PET bottles. It is designed specially for young iconoclasts, brainstormers and anyone else who plans to change the world for the better and has a valid student ID.


Learning doesn't stop, and if you're out to change the world even if you don't possess an official student ID – FREITAG has launched the F-Academy, a free training centre with no access limitation, offering F-Webinars run by highly motivated teachers from the F-Crew.

The F-Workers dive into these webinars going through every nook and cranny of what they do everyday, sharing FREITAG's philosophy and its production, design and organisational principles.

If you desperately require a backpack, good news for you – all that is required is to sign up for the F-Academy, but promise that you'll attend at least one of the webinars within two months!

F610 MALCOLM is now available at Actually, for students or anybody who hasn't and won't stop learning.

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