Some things just make sense. Like getting from A to B in the city on two wheels. So, in the weeks ahead, apart from focusing on sensibly recycled one-offs, we’ll be putting all our efforts into muscle-power-driven urban mobility with FREITAG.

Which means that, wherever possible, FREITAG crew members will be traveling to the Zurich tarp headquarters and the 26 FREITAG stores worldwide by bike. Additionally, to convince as many people as possible of the benefits of cycling, from now on we’ll be lending them the all-weather, reflective F155 CLAPTON backpack for a two-week test ride. The offer is available at all 26 FREITAG stores and selected F-Dealers – including us at Actually. It will appeal to anyone who’s just switched to biking in the city or needs a bag to protect their laptop for the daily commute. It won’t cost a penny, but we’d be happy to get some of your souvenir photos of the rides with #ridewithfreitag.


The #RIDEWITHFREITAG campaign runs till 31st October 2020. This way to the action.

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