KEEN x Jerry Garcia

KEEN x Jerry Garcia

We love original soles. And it doesn’t get much more original than Jerry Garcia.

Legendary guitarist, ‘60s rock icon, reluctant front man for the Grateful Dead, one of the most impactful bands of the counterculture movement. Jerry was best known for his supernatural skills of musical improvisation, and the indelible bonds he created with his fans. He passed away in 1995 but his incomparable spirit and ethos of contributing to positive change continue to inspire.


He made live music as a shared experience — one created with his audience, not for it. We share his belief in the power of togetherness, and see him as something of a kindred spirit — just like us, he gave his energy to the pursuit of community, freedom, equality, and fun. (Also, we’ve been known to jam out when the moment is right.)

We’re excited to partner with Jerry Garcia’s family to celebrate the artistic legacy he left to the world. Our limited edition KEEN x Garcia collection pays tribute to a very special man — launching: September 4th.


Most people know Jerry Garcia as a virtuosic guitarist. But not as many know about his lifelong love of painting. He attended San Francisco Art Institute and devoted himself to painting in between tours, even though he never considered his visual art something that should “be taken seriously.” So he probably wouldn’t mind that we put his art on sandals, bags, and face masks. For the KEEN x Garcia collection, we chose two of his paintings, “New York at Night” and “Banyan Tree,” because of the vibrancy of colors and patterns that capture Jerry’s spirit.

“New York at Night,” by Jerry Garcia

“New York at Night,” by Jerry Garcia

“Banyan Tree,” by Jerry Garcia

“Banyan Tree,” by Jerry Garcia


All the products in the KEEN x Garcia collection are stamped with the Jerry Garcia handprint mark (hardcore fans know he was famously missing part of a finger on his right hand, making his handprint an unmistakable signature). KEEN x Garcia shoes are delivered in shoe boxes adorned with his drawings.

UNEEK x Garcia Sneaker Sandals

Saying Jerry was unique is an understatement. Saying our UNEEK hybrid sneaker sandals are unique is just true. Bring them together, and it’s a look that dances to the beat of its own drum.



Although Jerry never considered himself political, the humanitarian and environmentalist actively supported rainforest conservation and coral reef preservation — and took action when he felt that enough wasn’t being done.

“Somebody has to do something, and it’s just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us,” he once said about the band’s involvement in environmental issues.

We think it’s more important than ever to participate in democracy, and we are stronger together. That’s why we formed this alliance — to honor one of our heroes , and to do our part on behalf of organizations like HeadCount. We hope the shoes,  in the KEEN x Garcia collection bring some art into your everyday life, and you wear them while you jam and dance.

Launching online on 11th September 2020:

In stores on 25th September 2020:

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