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Candy Cliffs Overall

Candy Cliffs Overall

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A series inspired by the colorful strata "Candy Cliff" that spreads out in the national park in Utah, USA, the birthplace of CHUMS. The texture that is unique to product dyeing, which dyes items that are ready to be used as a product, is attractive. It is a product that you can use for a long time and enjoy the fading of color and deterioration over time as it is used.

Overalls with a relaxed silhouette. A lineup of 6 colorful colors that have been dyed. Accented with large pockets on the front and bag. The length of the shoulder straps can be adjusted with buttons, and the waist part has an adjuster so you can wear it to your desired silhouette. The design incorporates elements of French work and combines American-style stitch work, making this a product full of originality typical of CHUMS. It goes perfectly with casual items and allows you to enjoy vintage-like styling.

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Material: Cotton100% 
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