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Sandals made of PVC material commonly known as "toibe sandals" and "Bensan". Due to its comfort, robustness, and antibacterial function, it has been familiar to Japanese people for decades in many public facilities such as hospitals and schools.
Domestic toilet sandals are manufactured in Nara Prefecture, and among them, Nishibe Chemical Co., Ltd. makes use of its 40 years of craftsmanship to clearly differentiate itself from inexpensive overseas products that occupy a share due to its high quality.
BENSAN is developing products as a collaboration line with Nishibe Chemical Co., Ltd. in order to disseminate the charm of Nara's good products and toilet sandals to the world.

Main body PVC / Leather parts Cowhide

S = about 23.5cm
M = about 24.5cm
L = about 26.0cm
LL = about 27.0cm
3L = about 28.0cm

※The fit varies depending on the shape of the wearer's foot, so please refer to it as a guide only.