All things are susceptible to wear and tear, not excluding your extremely durable F-Product. The FREITAG SERVICE CENTRE was set up to ensure that a new lease of life can be given to your injured F-Products in the quickest time possible without any hassle. 

FREITAG REPAIR is performed free of charge within 2 years + 3rd year in case of product registration

If your F-product has a few more years under its belt, if you no longer have the receipt or if you forgot to register it, you’ll have to pay for the repair service. The costs for this are calculated according to the time and effort involved and lie between SGD 45 and SGD 140.


Exchange of

  • press buttons
  • rings
  • screws
  • buckles
  • snap hooks
  • rivets
  • eyelets
  • zipper puller
  • elastic bands
  • label/logo

Sewing of single open seams. 

These are repairs/replacement of individual parts with little sewing effort without removing seams. 

SGD 45

All other tarp repairs except tarp restoration. 

This service includes repairs that require a lot of sewing, for example the replacement of 
  • several parts
  • Velcro
  • bicycle inner tubes
  • zippers
  • inner lining
  • inner pockets

... and so on

SGD 90

Tarp restoration + all required repairs.

This service includes all repairs. 

SGD 140


A RETARP service is not possible
  • for metallic tarp colours like silver and gold
  • for Digi-Print tarpaulin (this is tarp with photo print)
  • for the models F151 VICTOR and F123 WOOLF

A REPAIR service is not possible

  • for belt extensions or belt exchanges for tarp belts (R-line)
  • for exchange of tarp handles (e.g. like bag handles on F52, F261, F262)

Please contact us via email or drop us a message via our social media channels before sending in your repair at Actually, orchardgateway.