KEEN x Omas Hände

KEEN x Omas Hände

For Womens from all walks of life.
Designer/Embroiderer : Aki Yoneda

"Omas Hände" means By Granny's Hand in German,
encapsulating the warmth and care of a grandmother's handwork.
Omas Hände started when she was in her modeling career in Tokyo and continued when she moved to Barcelona. Mother of 4, Aki Yoneda embroiders a selection of "Omas Hände" clothing by hand, putting all her heart into each piece.
Elegance paired with comfort on our timeless footwear in this collaboration.
Muted Safari tones with vibrant speckled outsole, a hybrid footwear for that urban hustle and bustle.

Available in Womens’ and Kids.

Launching 7th March 2020

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