A Paradise Home For The Living.

A Paradise Home For The Living.

By Actually SG

A Paradise Home For The Living.

Time for you to spice up your home fixtures with quirky home goods. From Baggu's cute graphic prints seen on all cushion covers to pillowcases, to uniquely crafted designer-like drinkware from Hay to playful Lego storage furnishing that brings out the inner childlike in everyone. There is always something for everyone here at Actually.


United by Blue

Treat your daily morning coffee to an artfully hand-crafted ceramic mug, that's the least they should deserve, right? United By Blue is a recent addition to our lifestyle brand introducing their ceramic mugs in 16oz & 8oz.


Hay it's a lifestyle, sick and tired of your traditional clear wine glasses? Presenting, cute tinted wine glasses that you'll never get bored of, available in both blue/white and pink/yellow tinted colours. Alongside many other modern lifestyle products, they offer too.


Don't worry it's not the big mess of tiny stackable legos that you are thinking about. This Lego I am talking about is by Room Copenhagen, which creates playful lifestyle Lego furnishing. You will be able to see Lego, storage boxes, wall hanger sets, brick head & lunch boxes.


On to that sustainability wagon? All of Baggu's products are either made from recycled nylon or other recycled fabrics. Uniquely known for their repeated graphic prints on all of their accessories, they are sure to complement nicely with whatever your home aesthetic is.


Pantone, Coming Soon...