Good things come in threes!

Good things come in threes!

Bespoke UNEEK, featuring Japan’s renowned streetwear label and collaboration with major select stores

Hombre Niño | Journal Standard | SHIPS

This season sees a UNEEK collaboration between Japan’s major select bespoke stores and a streetwear label that blends retro cues with a contemporary aesthetic.

The bespoke collection comes from Japans finely curated select stores, JOURNAL STANDARD and SHIPS.

Decked out in their corporate colours, the collection’s colour way erases the conventional outdoor image.

Blending retro cues with a contemporary aesthetic, Hombre Niño a streetwear label founded by Japanese designers Yoshifumi “YOPPI” Egawa and Masashi Seki. With experience as a professional skateboarder as well as stints running cult streetwear label “HECTIC”, and fixed gear shop “Carnival”; this collaboration features a black braided cord with fluorescent green insole paired with reflective arrow head secure lace.

The UNEEK collaboration will be available exclusively at Actually and Outside (Paragon) from 1st June onwards in limited quantities. 

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