Shoe Maniac Season: Shaka Footwear

Shoe Maniac Season: Shaka Footwear

Shoe Maniac Season: Part 2; Shaka Footwear

Walk The Way, Walk The Sustainable Way, Walk The Shaka Way. 

Moving on to our part 2 series of our shoe maniac season, we have Shaka Footwear the ultimate in hi-tech action footwear. Initially founded in the 1990s in South Africa. Shaka sandals feature functionality that adapts to harsh environments such as mountains and deserts, together with its signature webbing tape with beautiful ethnic African designs. 

Shaka once come to an end in the early 2000s, but then made a comeback with new contemporary design and a further improvement in comfortness, without losing its original details. 

The signature "shark tooth grip" outsole that connects to the arch, combined with a lightweight and highly cushioned EVA midsole, is added with durable and supple webbing tape to create a perfect fit. As time passes, Shaka has evolved all the details and functionality while retaining its traditional features.

Shaka is also taking its first step toward sustainability with eco-friendly efforts in its materials and production. They started from the most popularly produced colour - Black webbing tape into RPET (recycled PET) materials for all of their black-coloured sandals. 

Shaka is the way to go about your day, it's versatile & reliable, it's not just a shoe it's the brand. Shop the collection now available online here & in-stores. 

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