Stay Home Entertainment

As COVID-19 continues to spread, most of us have summoned to stay indoors for safety reasons. Not all of us are homebodies, and in the case cabin fever gets the better of you, we’ve come up with some ideas to entertain yourselves while in quarantine!


  1. Hope onto Korea’s current caffeine trend – make your own Dalgona coffee!

Video: Nino’s Home

You may have seen clips of this over YouTube and social media – inspired by dalgona candy, a sugary, sponge-like coffee, the #dalgonacoffee trend has really taken off. Requiring only simple household ingredients like instant coffee mix, granulated sugar, and hot water, frivolously whisk the ingredients together, for apparently 400 times, till they form a soft, golden brown foamy texture. Scoop the fluffy concoction into a glass of milk of your choice and voila, you’ve got your own dalgona coffee! It does take some effort, but fulfilling your caffeine intake for the day while working out some arm muscles? We’re onto it!

Video: Gabie Kook

Get your quarantine buddies together on FaceTime and challenge them to do this together with you, perhaps with different utensils? If coffee’s not your cup of tea, we hear that people have been trying this out with matcha powder!

2. Venture into ventriloquism

When Rapunzel was stuck in her tower for 18 years, she picked up many skills to entertain herself – ventriloquism being one of them. Using a puppeteered doll, otherwise known as a “dummy”, ventriloquism refers to the art of talking with the tongue without any movement of the mouth or face, creating the illusion of the voice coming from another place. Some might think of this skill as disturbing, but we think it’s pretty cool, especially if you’re stuck in a difficult situation!

3. Go on a Studio Ghibli binge

Image: Netflix

Image: Netflix

In case you haven’t been in the loop, Studio Ghibli films are finally available on Netflix! Founded by directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, the Japanese animated film studio is known for their deep storylines and remarkable animations, often touching on subtle feminism, war, environmentalism, family and friendship. Throwback to childhood nostalgia with renowned classics like My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away, but don’t forget to check out the others like Ocean Waves and My Neighbours the Yamadas. Besides, you have all the time in the world now, right? We hear that the next Netflix will be dropping the final stage of Studio Ghibli films in April, so watch out for that!

4. Experiment with natural dyes

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Nature often offers us much more than we are aware of in modern-day life, natural dyeing being one of them. Got a couple of old or unused t-shirts or textiles lying around? Now is the time to make full use of them. Get yourself to work, and switch those old tees up a little – all in the comfort of your own home. You probably already have the equipment and items required lying around already, as long as you have sufficient space for a couple of buckets, fabric and tongs. Most of us would have guessed to use turmeric as one of the several ingredients, but did you know that avocado seeds produce a pink dye? Different mediums produce different hues and outcomes, happy experimenting!

5. Commit your life to Animal Crossing

Image: Nintendo

Image: Nintendo

This would be a no-brainer for those who already own a Nintendo Switch – Animal Crossing: New Horizons just made its launch not too long ago! The latest edition of the game comes with larger advancements, including terraforming, crafting and customisation, allowing you to create your own identity without any boundaries. Despite newer improvements, the core gameplay still stays close to original. Die-hard fans will feel at home, and newbies will be able to maneuver through with little difficulty. Get all your quarantine buddies hooked onto this, and manifest your islands together!

If Rapunzel could stay in her tower for 18 years, we too can do our best to stay home to prevent the spread of this virus. Tag us on social media, @actuallysg show us how you’re coping!