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Article: Don't be a (COV)idiot

Don't be a (COV)idiot

Don't be a (COV)idiot

The New Normal

It looks like we’ll need to wear masks for a long time now, so why not get something that doubles as a fashion statement?

Even after the crisis subsides, it’s foreseeable that we will need to wear masks wherever we go, whether on groceries runs, to the office or just a casual stroll.

As a more sustainable option and to stay relatively stylish, we have produced our own collection of in-house masks.

The best masks for civilians are clearly masks that are made out of cloth so here we are to offer everyone from all walks of life a paracord cloth mask made out of 100% Cotton.

No more ill-fitting masks – the paracord allows for easy adjustment according to each individuals’s size so you can enjoy a snug fit!

Our cotton masks are 2-ply, non-medical grade and not FDA-approved but do come with a filter pocket so you may insert your own filter if you need more protection.
Let's leave the surgical masks for our dear healthcare workers and essential workers :)

Our in-house masks will be available at all Actually and Outside stores, and from 9 July onwards.

Actually Paracord Face Masks
100% Cotton
Machine Washable (please wash before use)

1 for $3.90, 2 for $6

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