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Your First Move In The Fashion Industry | So Creative Talk


It happened last Wednesday; the foreign silence would chill down your back. An awkward sense of entering The Butter Factory on Ladies night without the ever-present loud bass pounding DJ and the sour smell of spilled alcohol. It was evident something more important was about to commence.


The crowd buzzed in from the 2-door entrance taking a mandatory photographical memento before they filled the dark room promptly at 7.30pm. Anticipation and excitement all jumbled up in every flamboyantly dressed individual waiting for the first ever Fashion Conference by ActuallyMag. We were very proud to be able to bridge our local fashion enthusiast to the real fast-paced multi-billion dollar fashion industry through an open dialogue session directly with the people ­­­from the industry. To remind our future generation of fashion people of their aspirations, we had them take photos indicating what aspect of fashion they would like to pursue.


It was a star-studded event with speakers from every aspect of our beloved fashion industry. All six of them were present to give intuitive and astute opinions to enlighten our curious audience. Questions were thrown from the audience and posts on ActuallyMag’s Twitter and Instagram platforms. We made sure to keep it informal and fun by allowing our audience to personally interact with our fashion mentors. We were very honored and grateful to our speakers who took time out from their busy schedule to specially address this event and share their experiences.



Our reporter got down to talk to every single one of these speakers and this was what they said:



“ You got to be at the right place at the right time and then be able to impress”

Pei Zhen
Marketing director of Cloutshoppe.com.

After talking to this fantastic lady for almost 30 minutes you realize exactly why she is at the top of her game. She sings, writes, and has a bachelor degree in psychology. Also an avid fan of Marvel comics, evident in her outfit choice that night, she donned on a Marvel character printed pencil skirt she got from the San Diego comic con.


Actually(A): What were you doing at aged 18?

PeiZhen (PZ): Studying for a psychology degree and working in any outlet that could provide me the funds to pay of college.


A: One sentence for the aspiring fashion enthusiast?

PZ: Be able to take criticism and accept opinions.


A: If you had a space ship, What would you name it?

PZ: Impala. With reference to the TV series ‘Supernatural’. It is what the brothers drive around in.

“Get the birds eye view of the industry and when you decide which path to take, bite the bullet and go for it.”


Patricia Lee
Fashion Journalist at Female Magazine

Her life story is as eventful has one Jack Sparrow, literally travelled across the world. Born and raised in London, UK moving back and forth from Europe to Asia. She has interned in various international magazines but started out as a law student. Determined to be a journalist, Patricia worked her way into publications like the daily telegraph and ultimately stationed herself in Singapore to be a part of the Female Magazine writing crew.


A: What were you doing at aged 18?

P: Getting ready to move back to London for law school.


A: One sentence for the aspiring fashion enthusiast?

P: Stay true to your vision!


A: If you had a space ship, What would you name it?

P: Rainbow. I have an irrevocable love for colours.



“ Fuel yourself with passion”

Mae Pang
Fashion Designer of Mae Pang.

With her self-titled label, Fashion designer Mae Pang was actually a science major JC kid drowning in books at Raffles Junior College. Unexpected it was for her to be a part of the Parco Next Next designer series. Now she is thoroughly enjoying her decision to set foot on the design path.


A: What were you doing at aged 18?

MP: Studying for A-Levels.


A: One sentence for the aspiring fashion enthusiast?

MP: Be curious.


A: If you had a space ship, What would you name it?

MP: Space.



 “ Know your audience.”

Cary Cheng
Co-Founder and consultant of Glamour Inc. Showroom.

The nicest person you will meet in the fashion industry. He is always curious to find new talents and talk to anyone who has any questions or difficulties when it comes to fashion. His showroom, Glamour inc. is one of the most successful ones in Singapore representing fashion labels from all over the world. He has a penchant for bringing buyers exactly what they want when they visit his showrooms.


A: What were you doing at aged 18?

C: Honestly, I cannot remember! So sorry!


A: One sentence for the aspiring fashion enthusiast?

C: Work hard


A: If you had a space ship, What would you name it?

C: Pod.



“ I liked watching commercials, reading the back of shampoo bottles. Things that are part of your life, you should never neglect”

Jimmy Lim
Senior Marketer of Fj Benjamin group.

He is a true blue advertiser who knows every aspect of how to reach out to target consumers. He is dedicated and loves to communicate with people. With an outgoing personality and years of experience a large lifestyle company like FJ Benjamin, he is very willing to help and give advices to any one in need.


A: What were you doing at aged 18?

JL: I was in the Army for my National service.


A: One sentence for the aspiring fashion enthusiast?

JL: Find your own voice


A: If you had a space ship, what would you name it?

JL: Dungeon. The same name as a rocket I owned when I was younger.



“ Find your own DNA, and stick to it”

Jo Soh
Fashion Designer at Hansel.

She is the head designer of the renowned quirky fashion label, Hansel. She is a very practical person, being in the industry for so long and feels that when it all comes down to it, fashion is still a business. Never should one forget or neglect the dollars and cents. She is a brilliant designer whom always pulls through her own vision into every one of her design.


A: What were you doing at aged 18?

JS: Just about to begin studies at Kingston University in London.


A: One sentence for the aspiring fashion enthusiast?

JS: “ Consistency is key”


A: If you had a space ship, what would you name it?

JS: Spaceship. Sometimes in life, it is good to be straightforward.


Party is synonymous with fashion. A fashion event always ends on a high note and this was no exception. We had a blast dancing the night away; we would like to thank every one of you who took the effort to register and who came down to share this memorable night with us.



Chermaine Yong




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