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You Are Love | Insecurities

Insecurity denotes a lack of confidence. It makes you feel uncomfortable and awkward, it can happen in any situation at all, and it’s a reminder that you’re far from perfect.


As daunting as insecurity may seem, remember that ultimately, they should never stop you from doing what you love, but push you to be better instead. As challenging as it may be, stop deliberately putting yourself down. Try hard to understand that effort takes precedence over accomplishment. It’s a fine balance between understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and not letting yourself get in way of your potential achievements. It’s relying and trusting both yourself and others for the support that you need.


This is a photo-essay that explores the familiar feeling of insecurity. Taken with three very different dancers along Orchard Road, we abandon our insecurities and set ourselves free amongst the crowds.


Each of the dancers was supposed to regard their shoot along Orchard as a sort of performance. We followed them through their journey of preparation, and captured the whole process as they expressed their feelings using their bodies. It was nothing short of amazing. People stopped and stared, and it really did become a performance. Ultimately, it highlighted how insecurities can be overcome, and how spectacular the result can be.

– Amelia Fong

Photo courtesy of Danny Santos

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