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YOU ARE LOVE | Gay Bashing

Every school day, thousands of young people who identify with being either lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender face harassment, bullying, and even violence for simply being who they are.

The documentary film ‘Teach Your Children Well‘ focuses its attention on the challenging issues of homophobia and violence in schools as directed against our LGBT youth. The primary objective of this project is to change the mentality and consciousness that leads our children to commit acts of violence, by teaching acceptance and respect for the right of others to be who they are.

We spoke to John Machado, an Associate Producer of the film.

What inspired you to want to get involved with the documentary?

Having gone through similar experiences in my life, it is an issue that I feel no one should have to experience due to the gender they prefer to love.

Why do you think this film and its message are so important?

Homophobia is a prevalent issue that has been important for years. The message needs to be addressed to our younger children before they reach adolescence, that there are people from the same or different races/cultures who do not fit into what they may think is the typical norm. This issue continues to affect children and teenagers worldwide.

What are your hopes for the documentary?

This may be a window into developing an educational forum that children could use in the future. If this film can change the mindset of even one individual… then we’ve made progress.

What are some of your personal desires in raising awareness and creating change on this issue?

Coming out at the age of 16, I think it has been extremely liberating to live my life as an openly gay man, and not closeted. I am always open to speaking and informing people about issues that they may find uncomfortable, or would like more information about.

Being an openly gay man gives me the opportunity to meet people who may have never had an encounter with a gay individual. A patient of mine had stated, “thank you so much for changing my opinion of what I thought a gay man was.”

When people are living life down in the gutter, perhaps depressed or coming off of drugs, all they really care about is for someone else to listen, and the least of their worries would be about gender, sexuality or colour. Where I was born in Central America, there are still people who only have the opportunity of feeling comfortable with who they are by going to one of two bars. Coming from a third world country, how can I take for granted what others may still be going through, and not try to raise awareness and create change?

For more information on homophobia & hotline information:

* Stop Anti-Gay Bullying: Seth’s Story | American Civil Liberties Union www.aclu.org

*GLBT National Helpline is a free hotline for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender teens. This hotline provides one-on-one counseling either through email or telephone for both parents and teenagers. GLBT has the largest resource database with over 18,000 listings. Contact them via email at glnh@GLBTNationalHelpCenter.org or call 1-888-843-4564

*The Trevor Project is geared at helping gay and lesbian teenagers who are contemplating committing suicide. It is the only crisis and suicide prevention hotline that is open 24 hours and 7 days a week. If immediate help is needed, or you believe your teenager may be at their breaking point, please call 1-866-4-u-trevor

To view the trailer:


Teach Your Children Well
Directed By Gary Takesian
Produced By Gary Takesian & Roz Esposito
Co-Produced & Written By Steven Roche
Associate Producer: John Machado
Associate Producer: Paul Belsito

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