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Willy Foo

The Jack of all trades and master of many, Willy Foo is an award-winning photographer, avid social media enthusiast, pioneering technopreneur and passionate marketer. As the CEO and founder of LiveStudios Interactive Photography, Willy began his journey as a professional photographer when he wired his camera to a notebook carried in a backpack which was then wirelessly transmitted to the projector and web simultaneously. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the most sought after photography companies in Singapore covering more than 800 shoots in 2010.

ActuallyMag sits down with Willy Foo and speaks to the man behind the lens.


Hi there! How’s your day treating you?

Good.. but tired after my trip to Seoul. They are crazy party goers.. I’m getting old, can’t keep up!


We recently heard you speak at ActuallyMAG’s own event, So Creative. What was that experience like?

It’s actually quite interesting speaking about creativity to a group of creative people. Feedback was quite encouraging and many were surprised the photos I shared of Sydney were taken with a smartphone.


With so much going on in your life right now, what are some things that keep you grounded?

Being able to travel allows me to experience the beautiful places, letting me realise that we should do our part to help preserve our planet’s beauty. It also allows me to see many under privileged places which reminds me to appreciate what I have.


What inspires your art?

Meeting different cultures, listening & seeing various interpretations to art and photography help to sculpt my own inspirations. Like cooking, all ingredients have been used before, it’s like how the chef combines, infuses and presents them that make each dish unique. Photography is not much different.


What about photography is so appealing to you?

I hate writing.. and since a photo speaks a thousand words, it’s easy for me to say so much with just a click.


You’ve been a photographer for so long. What other activities do you take part in that keeps your lifestyle a fulfilling and engaging one?

Technology used to be my profession and photography my passion. Now it’s reversed.. technology is my poison that keeps the passion going. The rest of my time is for my family..


What was your recent trip to Australia like? Recommend us some fun things to do there!

A friend told me Australia is boring… but the things I have done in and around Sydney was just amazing!! Top of the recommended list is Quad Biking at Port Stephens, Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and not to miss Paragliding-Skydiving-Acrobatic Biplane in Wollongong!


What are some lifestyle tips you can share with our readers?

Keep and open mind and keep learning from other examples and people and apply the best parts to yourself. Stay optimistic and happy!


How do you incorporate the HTC into your current lifestyle? How do it’s features enhance your work life and how does it inspire you?

When HTC got me as an ambassador, I negotiated to keep using my iPhone as well as I couldn’t do without the apps. HTC generously agreed to it especially since I’m a gadget geek who needs to be familiar with various areas of technology. As I got used to the HTC Sensation smartphone and more of the essential apps became available on the Android platform, I gradually weaned off the iPhone and now I’m solely using the Android platform which nicely integrates with my Google Calendar & Gmail workflow.


Of your extensive repetoire, what would you say is your best work?

My best works was when I was still shooting for passion and for myself. I liked my portraiture and travel works the most. ‘Attraction of the Skyscrapers’ (aka the girl at raffles place) is my favourite and most recognisable work that when Ocean the oil painter wanted to do my portrait, we decided to use this pose too.

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