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What started out as a project for school, Jacky grew SUP Clothing into a well-known street label in Singapore. Located at Haji Lane, SUP Clothing is the go-to store for established street labels and their own SUP Clothing label. We had a short chat with Jacky, the creative force behind SUP Clothing on how he managed to make his label stand out from the established labels and the struggles he face


Can you tell us more about your background and what inspired you to start Sup Clothing?

I studied Aeronautical Engineering in Singapore Polytechnic. At that time, there was a module “Entrepreneurship” which I took up and we were tasked to set up a small business. I have always been interested in apparel business; therefore I decided to start Sup Clothing.


What are the most memorable experiences since the start of Sup Clothing?

The most memorable experiences since the start was when we first opened up our store, we got a couple of our friends, got together to renovate the store on our own from scratch. I am also grateful to the good people I have met and became close friends with from all over the world.


What are the struggles you have faced?

The struggle we faced was in terms of monetary as we do not have an investor. It was really difficult managing the amount of funds we have to have products in store.


As there are many established street brands, how do you go about getting people to buy your clothes instead of theirs?

I think the thing that made us stand out from the rest is really down to our service, and the product knowledge that we and my staff have in letting the customers know what they are actually buying. Every purchase comes with something eg. Stickers, mags, toys, collectables, I guess that is something that not many stores or brands out there are doing.


How do you select the brands to be stocked in your store

Usually the brands that we select have to fulfill a few criteria such as price point, availability of the product, design and quality.


What are some of your favorite street brands?

My favourite brands would be brands such as Obey, Flying Coffin, 9five, Staple Design, which can all be found in my Store.


Can you tell us more about your personal style?

I am a very casual guy, I wear new balance sneakers and jeans and t-shirt on a daily basis. For more formal occasions, I still wear sneakers and jeans and button up shirt. I always believe that t-shirts and jeans are STAPLE to every man and women.


Sup Clothing used to have a womenswear line, any plans to bring it back?

When we first started the women’s line, it was like a test market, however due to the price point that we offer and we cannot compete with the blogshops that are opening up in haji lane.


If you can be a superhero, what will it be?

SUPERMAN, so that I could fly all over the world anytime, anywhere.


Lastly, what are the upcoming plans for Sup Clothing? Or are they hush hush?

We do have a few big events coming up with a few brands, as well as our own in house collection this year. As for the store, we expect to have more brands in store, to cater to more people.


– Qin


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