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Whatever It Takes

Muffyn Liuliu is an extreme hairstylist.

A man with a passion for Mohawks and a mission to share his mad love and swore to revive the style once popular among the punk subculture.


What truly sets him apart is his friendliness as he is well loved by all his clients, guys and girls alike. Muffyn (aka Mervyn) treats his clients like his own friends, and one can always hear interesting conversation and laughter during each session. It is essential for such bonding given the extreme of the haircut. Naturally his customers become strong referrals of his work. Conservative or out to kill, he would be there to listen to your needs before the cut.


Muffyn’s skills are well-recognized by peers in the industry, being featured on UK barber site ‘Barberstyle’ and other lifestyle blogs.


Like no other, Muffyn shares his experience and wisdom spontaneously over a short interview;


How did you get started with this profession?

I’ve always liked my sides shaved, and I love cutting my own hair. Through many obstacles and a lot of practice cutting hair for my campmates in the army, I am now hawk-ing people and spreading the mohawk love!


Where did you learn your techniques from?

By observing how my hair is being cut, I apply the same techniques when cutting my customer’s hair. My works are fully planned out before the cut, for the profession bares no mistakes.


Describe your personal style

My style is to go hard, or go home, and my watch always read the time; now or never.


Who do you admire?

I admire honey badger, because it’s a badass, and gets whatever it wants. It gives me the motivation to get things done. My idol is Mr. Jeremy Knott. He is an artist to every canvas. You can check out his website (www.losangelesbarbershop.com).

My other inspiration is Mr. Rauf Yasit aka Rubberlegz, a multitalented person


What is your advice for someone aspired to be like you?

Everyone has a right to dream, but you need that bit of courage to make it come true. It’s always better to try something rather than not trying and then regret for the rest of your life.


What are your future plans?

I plan to put my marketing degree to good use. I’m now part of a collective, so we will undertake projects of graphic design/advertising, men’s grooming, and the physical shop space for a barbershop cum cafe concept. Authentic style!




-Darryl Seah





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