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We Are Photographers Series – Jerick Sanchez


With our current fast paced technological lifestyle, anyone with a single-lens reflex camera can call him/herself a photographer. Jerick Sanchez, a 21 year old Mass Communication graduate, showed us that anyone can be remarkably great in their work even if there were no formal training occurred. His love for the glamorous 50’s lifestyle mostly inspires his photos, portraits, and concepts.

Brief description about you and your work as a photographer
It’s really hard for me to describe myself and my work, I’m just thankful that some people appreciate my works that somehow translate to who I ‘am.

How did you get into photography?
I was first exposed to photography when I was still in fifth grade. I started taking photographs of my friends using a Kodak disposable camera.

Are there any photographers that have become a great influence in your chosen career?
Yes. I look up to photographers like Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, and Norman Parkinson.

What are your inspirations for your work?
As I’ve mentioned, I have a penchant for vintage photography, so it is only understandable that things related to it fuels my artistry. Basically, men & women from the 50’s, black & white image that show movement, and saturated family or group tableaus inspire me.

What is your favourite way to get your creative juices flowing?
Simply by seeing the whole set-up of the shoot gets me going: the clothes to be used, the location itself, and of course the models. But the best thing that can effectively heighten my creativity is fact that I get to work with different kinds of people each shoot. Nothing material can ever exceed that idea.

When you were starting out, did you have any mishaps or disasters?
Of course, you can’t expect everything to run smoothly when it’s your first time in the race. Everyone who’s starting out will experience little mishaps and even failures.

Favourite location to shoot in Manila?
No matter where you go in Manila, you can be assured that it’s a good location for photo shoots. Locations don’t actually matter that much; the beauty of the shoot relies heavily on the chosen theme of the photographers.

Any advice to aspiring young photographers?
WE ALL SHOULD ASPIRE… Imagine, dream and do things that makes you happy.

Drop by his website to see more of his encapsulated art – http://jericksanchez.tk/

– Kristina Carillo


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