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We Are Photographers Series | Azhar Naim


Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur,  28-year-old photographer Azhar Naim has always been fascinated with capturing the beauty of his surroundings. After losing interest in writing six years ago, he found a new replacement that suited him better in expressing what he sees and feels around him. Photography became his new passion.

I met Azhar Naim on Last.fm (a website thats tracks what music you are currently listening to on your iTunes and shares your tracklist with users from around the world) about three years ago, as we had similar interests in the artists and bands we are fond of. He has an impeccable taste in music, ranging genres from shoegaze to chillwave, and has stated My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive as some of his favourite bands. Music plays a huge role in Naim’s photography, thus unravelling the dreamy-touch in his photographs.



Hi Naim! Who or what inspired you to take up photography?

My surroundings. I like to look at things, i mean random things around me! And usually I have this series of imagery that makes me start imagining the perfect view. Back then, I didn’t know how to interpret it till I found this photo book by David Hamilton (Dreams Of A Young Girl). It caught my interest in photography and starting from that day, I decided to use photography as a medium to interpret my surroundings.






Very interesting. Can you share with us a particular memorable shoot you’ve done?

One sunset in Kuala Lumpur, which felt like the most epic sunset I have ever seen in Kuala Lumpur.


Any favourite subjects to shoot? 

I don’t have any specific subjects. Anything, so i’ll shoot what pleases me.


The ultimate question to ask every photographer, what does photography mean to you?

Photography for me is a different way of seeing things and it makes me look at the world differently, with a new perspective. It captures memories and shows you things you might not see usually.





Most of your photographs have a distinct dreamy feel to them. Is there a particular reason?

When I look at something, I relate them with music. So most of the time, I relate them with shoegaze and dream pop music(my favourite genres). I give them a dreamy touch just to connect them with what I listen to and give them a perfect sync.


What do you aim to achieve with your pictures?

Showing that ordinary can be beautiful if we look closely and be sensitive about it.





Alright, final question! What is your favourite photography app on your phone & why?

I use Photo Editor because I can pre-load all of my Photoshop curves. Really convenient for me to edit the tone using that app and upload it to Instagram after.




You can check out more of Azhar Naim’s photographs here:




Text by: Erin Riduan
*Images courtesy of Azhar Naim






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