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We are photographers | Jovian Lim

A new visual expression – that is what Jovian Lim, hopes to achieve with his photographs. Trained in the School of Art, Design and Media (NTU), Jovian is constantly evolving his approach towards image-making. The body of his photographic work is centered around a language that is undemanding, personal and heartfelt.


What is your story?

I was always drawn to disciplines which have a good mix of artistry and technical boundaries and photography is one of them

My dream is to be a patron of positive visual art and a philanthropist before i die.


How long have you been doing photography?

I started shooting extensively from junior college onwards, the lomo camera evolution and entry level digital cameras gave me the confidence to pursue photography more in-depth. I have been working as a photographer for about two years or so.

Though I still have lots to learn, the possibilities are exciting, daunting and extend only up to one’s imagination.


To be a good and qualified photographer, does one need a professional certificate or academic study?

School is great if you wish to return to academia in the future. However if you don’t have the luxury of time and funding, apprenticing a photographer you like is also a good start to gain competency.


Have you thought about doing something else other than photography?

I am very open to any project that allows me to roam creatively.


What inspires you?

Naturally occurring phenomenas that happen in our lives daily.


Is there a stigma  ?

Yes, but every industry has its drawbacks.


Which is more important; skills, talent or the camera?

Some talent, lots of perspiration and a community that believes in your work.


Share one advice for an inspiring professional photographer

”You may not know what you want yet, but you should start by knowing what you don’t want.”


Which photographer do you admire?

The last time i had goosebumps was seeing Junya Ishigami‘s installation at the barbican.



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