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We Are Models | Yemi

NAME: Yemi

AGE: 19


At Jalouse, I was assisting somebody at Strike’s catwalk training event, and then they scouted me!



How long have you been modeling? Full time or part time?

For one year.



What do you do apart from modeling?

I work at Hollister and play football.



Is there a certain quality (physical or otherwise) that you think helped you become a model?

Probably my cheekbones!



Do you feel any pressure as a model?

Yes, especially when I’m around other black male models because we are all competing for the same job.



Are there any stereotypes or myths about being a model?

Yes – that all models are skinny and we don’t eat.



Do you have a particular diet or exercise regime?

I just go to the gym, I’m trying to keep fit.



Do you think the ‘X Factor’ plays a part in becoming successful?

Yes, definitely. Talent should be recognized.




*Pictures are courtesy of www.strikemodelmanagement.com



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