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We Are Models Series | Chanie Munn


AGE: 22


Outside Topshop on Oxford Street about three years ago. It seems to be a popular scouting spot.



How long have you been modeling? Full time or part time?
I started part time three years ago. I’ve been full time for a year.


What do you do apart from modeling?
I hang about a lot, get lost and occasionally make little movies.


Is there a certain quality (physical or otherwise) that you think helped you become a model?

My Dad gave me a pretty rad jawline. Other than that, I seem to get by on personality – it makes a massive difference being able to make a client laugh.


Do you feel any pressure as a model?
Not particularly. I only ever felt pressured on my first job. When a client is paying you a lot of money, you want to perform well. When I first started out, I didn’t have a clue what to do. It was quite funny really.


Are there any stereotypes or myths about being a model?
That we live off diet coke and tomatoes.


Do you have a particular diet or exercise regime?
I eat very well and run at least 4k a day, when I’m not hungover of course.


Do you think the ‘X Factor’ plays a part in becoming successful?
It definitely helps some people out, but there are lots of ways to be successful.


*Pictures are courtesy of www.strikemodelmanagement.com


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