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We Are Models – Nina Balstrup

NAME: Nina Balstrup

AGE: 21


I wasn’t scouted by the agency – but a friend of the agency, talented stylist Cuba Charles, saw me strolling down Oxford Street. He was in need of an extra model for a shoot, and asked if I wanted to join in the fun. A few weeks afterwards he took me to Strike, who instantly signed me.



How long have you been modeling? Full time or part time?

Part time since October last year. I would love to be doing it full time though.



What do you do apart from modeling?

I work in retail and babysit.



Is there a certain quality (physical or otherwise) that you think helped you become a model?

Well thanks to my parents, I’ve grown up to be very tall (181 cm) which people like in this business. Other than that, I often get comments on my face, as my bone structure (especially my cheeks) is quite unusual, which comes across well in pictures.



Do you feel any pressure as a model?

There is always some sort of pressure to “stay the way you are” appearance wise, by watching your measurements and taking care of your skin and such. The agency has never told me I need to make any changes to myself, so the pressure purely comes from within and from being surrounded by other fit, beautiful people.



Are there any stereotypes or myths about being a model?

We do eat. Models are NOT constantly on diets. We don’t get flown around in private jets and stay at snazzy hotels and sip champagne wherever we go. Maybe very, very successful models do that, but most of us lead a pretty normal life. We take public transport, shop at Tesco and live in flat shares or with our family.



Do you have a particular diet or exercise regime?

I try to avoid buses and trains and instead walk around central London. It’s good exercise and saves me money. Diet is tricky – I’m diabetic, so I avoid carbohydrates as much as I can. Instead I eat lots of vegetables and lean protein – I would probably be doing the same even if I wasn’t a model.

If I notice that I’ve put on some weight, I’ll usually have a couple of weeks where I up my exercise and minimize my calorie intake. I’ve never tried any of those insane diets like the maple syrup diet or Atkins.



Do you think the ‘X Factor’ plays a part in becoming successful?

You have to want it and work for it, that’s all I can say. Being an extrovert definitely works in your favour.




*Pictures are courtesy of www.strikemodelmanagement.com



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