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We Are Models | Ivane

NAME: Ivane
AGE: 21
WHERE/HOW WERE YOU SCOUTED: I was 17 in Reunion Island for the Elite model look competition. I didn’t win !



How long have you been modeling? Full time or part time?

I’ve been modeling for 3 years (1 year freelance and 2 years with agencies)



What do you do apart from modeling?

I recruit for a shop as it’s really flexible, looking for other models. I take photos and I am going to start a blog about new designers, new models and perhaps new artists too.



Is there a certain quality (physical or otherwise) that you think helped you become a model?

I think being tall and skinny helps even if some models are short. You need to be patient and don’t get discouraged when you don’t get booked. You have to be secure in yourself.



Do you feel any pressure as a model?

During fashion week it’s really stressful – there are so many girls in town and some of them are really rude. You need to queue up for hours for only a few minutes with the designer!



Are there any stereotypes or myths about being a model?

Most people think all the models are stupid – all the successful models are really smart!

Also, people think it’s easy to be a model but it takes a lot of patience, walking around to castings and go sees and there is lots of competition!



Do you have a particular diet or exercise regime?

Not really, I am currently doing a detox for the first time, for my skin and energy more than my weight! I’m drinking smoothies, eating loads of fruit, vegetables and fish and I don’t drink alcohol.



Do you think the ‘X Factor’ plays a part in becoming successful?

I think that personality is really important as if the casting director or photographer like you they will book you for other jobs! Also, it depends how you work – the quicker the better! If they don’t have to direct you it’s a plus!



*Pictures are courtesy of www.strikemodelmanagement.com





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