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Wallpaper: Singapore Biennale 2011

Some photos have that distinct wallpaper quality; whereas some simply don’t. Some say it’s because of the ‘composition’; others, the ‘subject matter’. Well, we personally don’t care for the technicalities.

The Wallpaper series is as straightforward as can be. It encompasses photos that would be wallpaper worthy; on your Blackberries, Macbooks, etc. It could be impromptu and casually taken with a mobile phone, or it could be calculated and taken with a professional DSLR. The beauty of wallpapers is that it showcases the beauty of an object frozen as at that moment. It focuses on an object’s allure on a macro or micro level, yet still retaining its character and artistry.

The inaugural photo series features the Singapore Biennale 2011.  The many works on exhibit make for the perfect starting point of a wonderfully random series.

Be sure to check out the event before it ends after this Sunday, 15 May.
More info @ http://www.singaporebiennale.org/

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