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‘Visions’ | Grimes

Artist: Grimes
Album: Visions

I don’t quite know how to begin describing the music of Canadian-born eccentric doll Claire Boucher, also known as Grimes. I suppose saying that her tunes take you into a psychedelic-videogame-trippy-discoworld is not a bad place to start. The Oblivion video has her bouncing around awkwardly in her cotton candy hair in a devil-may-care swagger, but don’t let this oddball schoolgirl image frame your perspective of her and her music. Her latest endeavor, Visions, is really something else. Melding strong synthetic beats with her astral falsettos, unintelligible lisp, electronic throbs and other dreamy instrumentals, Grimes’ tunes put you into a seemingly drug-induced stupor (not that I’ve tried, but I suppose this is what it would feel like) – just listen to the opening notes of Skin to get a hang of what I’m saying.

Know The Way incorporates the sound of trickling water with ambient sounds and incoherent whisperings, and Infinite Without Fulfillment layers her voice singing different lines in different pitches over a strong drumbeat. The girl sure can pack a punch – both these tracks are less than 2 minutes long. Long or short, though, I can’t find a song in this album that doesn’t make me bop madly and awkwardly, or imagine myself dancing up on a mountain in some celestial otherworld. All I can say is – Grimes has created something so strange and contrary, it’s sublime.


– Kelly Koo


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