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UnCENSORED, for some, is Thailand’s solution to anyone who seeks to live an edgy, modern lifestyle but can’t find the wares. UnCENSORED stocks well-designed items that are selected to leave their customers with freedom from having to ‘censor’ their creativity or creative expressions. Available items are created by edgy designers who are passionate in a variety of artistic endeavours. Their creativity is inspired by sophisticated collaboration with eclectic fashion brands and unique lifestyles. Each piece is artistic and free spirited, complementing just about any style and environment.

To understand more about the idea behind UnCENSORED and the geniuses who came up with it, we spoke to Kumphanart Chaivorarat, managing director of the stores.

How did the concept of Uncensored come about?

KC: The concept of UnCENSORED initially revolved around our way of living; or I should say the way my wife and I want to live, and things that we enjoy doing.  We both learnt this by traveling and spending a lot of our time alone during my business trips in many continents around the world.  Also, we both have great passion for all kinds of art form, from paintings, music, fashion to dining.  When we travel, we always find something new or unique that most of the time we wouldn’t be able to find or experience in Thailand and we like to share them, with anyone who interested, through UnCENSORED.  So we try to fuse all those things we love into our store to share them with everyone.

Why the name “Uncensored”?

KC: Just literally the meaning of it!  We want people to be open minded, and to see what is out there around the world.  Just as an example, our logo is a pair of hands opening eyes wider to express people to be open to seeing all different kinds of fashion out there that we provide.

The shop front at UnCENSORED

What is different about Uncensored?

KC: UnCENSORED, by concept is different from any other store in Thailand.  We blend all kinds of art form into our space so that people can enjoy from interior design, decoration, music, art prints and of course fashion.  UnCENSORED product lines are very unique, each of the brands we carry has it own unique creativity which most of them are very well known in Europe, especially in the Scandinavian cities.  Take Henrik Vibskov for an example, every collection, besides designing the clothes, he designs the stage for the fashion show himself, and as a musician he would play the music himself (he is a drummer in a band called Trentmoller).

What kind of people would like Uncensored?

KC: Mostly, people involved with any kind of art form including people in advertising, designers, artists, architects, musicians and unique people in general.

What was the main inspiration behind Uncensored?

KC: I think our inspiration is appreciation in fashion and clothing that allows people to express themselves and not follow mainstream fashion. I have to say it always feel good to see a customer come in and really love a dress and walk away with something they really like.

Tell us about a day in the life of the makers of Uncensored!

KC: Well my wife, Gift, would be at the shop by 10 till the evening taking care of our customers and interacting with journalists and magazines. She’s way better than me on these issues. I on the other hand have to be at my office running a family business as well as doing back office jobs for UnCENSORED.  I usually would swing by in the evening to see what I can do and help. I think we have a good chemistry in handling what we have to do. It’s really fun and challenging.

Super chill interior, might cause feelings of intense awesomeness

Plans for the future?

KC: We’re planning to launch more brands we find across the globe.  Because we just launched UnCENSORED a few months ago, we think our first store will open many doors of opportunity in this field for us.  Next year we will also branching out to related category of products, we are now hold an exclusive right of a historical light switches from Spain.

Further down the road we will probably look for another spot to open our second shop to connect with other customers outside our first shop.  The new shop could be a stand alone shop which is a spin off from a promising brand that we carry now.

What in this world do you hope to ‘Uncensor’?

KC: Just by traveling a lot I think people should be opened to different cultures, freedom of expression, music, and fashion. My wife and I are very lucky to travel to many places and appreciate different parts of the world. It’s sad that some people are very closed in accepting something different. I guess that can be summed up at our shop where we try to bring different products to Thailand itself.

UnCENSORED is located on the 2nd Floor Of Central World Bangkok; Tel 0-2646-1448.

We don’t really recommend googling them because the name UnCENSORED typically brings up NSFW content (trust us, we’ve tried). So it might be helpful to bookmark this page or visit their website @ http://uncensored-bangkok.com. You know, if you feel like it or whatever.

– Jolin

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