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Uber Eats with ClogTwo and Untitled at Laneway

Worrying is a big no-no when it comes to festivals; Laneway 2018 is far from being an exception. That is why, for the first time ever in Asia, Uber Eats will be offering a delivery option at a music festival for us party animals and music lovers’ convenience. Besides, would you really want to get distracted and maybe even miss out on a forgettable music experience just because you were hungry? No way, Jose.


Here’s a little step-by-step guide on how to use the delivery:


  1. Open the Uber Eats app and enter ‘The Meadow’ as your address.
  2. Type in ‘Collection Point 1, 2, or 3’ in your delivery note!
  3. Add food to cart and place your order.
  4. Pick up your order at your selected Collection Point.
  5. Enjoy!


But, if you do happen to be a little more adventurous, you’d be glad to know that there will be a one-stop area for most(if not all) of your delectable cravings—the Uber Eats Food Village. And to add that beautiful cherry on top, this world is not too far from the main concert area so, you get the best of everything from a wide selection of delicious treats to an undisturbed music experience. What’s not to love?



Here’s a list of what to expect at Uber Eats Food Village(No drooling):

Ah Tan Wings

Burger Joint New York

De Tai Roast

Frost Popsicles

Hyde & Co.

Root Sellers

Señor Taco

Sidecare Handcrafted

Tanamera Coffee & Crack

The 1925 Brewing Co.

The Cultured People

Udders Ice Cream

Pita Tree Kebabs

Satay Power



Actually recently got the opportunity to interview ClogTwo, along with Untitled Projects—two collaborators of Uber Eats tasked with bringing new life to something that’s considered traditional, Graffiti, into our present world. And to excite you even more for Uber Eats Food Village, Untitled Projects had this to say, owing to the wonderment and excitement of turning a corner at a festival in the past and not knowing what lies in store:


“The idea behind Uber Eats Food Village is that when festival-goers go in, they’re looking to get food. People would want to explore. They want to be intrigued and they would want to to try everything—New flavours and new textures,” Untitled Projects was excited to share. “We are going for something larger than life.”


“Also, check out the Noodle House—it’s the first thing you’ll see.”


As for the visual aesthetic and reimagination of the Uber Eats experience however, you have ClogTwo’s distinct signature style of graffiti art. Recognised globally for his work, ClogTwo has managed to marry traditional art with digital art in this installment as he uses traditional graffiti techniques he has picked up from his 13 years of graffiti experience and breaking through boundaries and limitations of the past with modern technology. This has also opened an opportunity for ClogTwo to achieve his ambition of pushing the frontier for graffiti and doing a movement, as many generations have done so before him, leading us to everything we see now. More on ClogTwo in the future, so stay tuned!


ClogTwo and Uber shares the same belief that collaborations are principal in not only facilitating creative growth but also helps in fostering stronger connections with the creative scene. And, if you’ve followed ClogTwo or just see some of his past work, you can see that his work speaks for itself, with every single piece topping the previous, driven solely by passion—exactly the kind of people Uber is looking to work with! We at Actually are very excited to share more on ClogTwo soon so really, keep your eyes peeled!


As for now, we can only leave you with excitement and anticipation for Laneway. Let us tell you first-hand, Laneway is looking to be an amazing festival. Expect us to be somewhere at the Uber Eats Food Village exploring, eating and chilling(Maybe at the Noodle House). Just remember, when you’re out there going crazy and tearing up the floor, you can always rely on Uber Eats to get your energy back up to speed. See you at Laneway, dear beautiful readers!

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