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Translating Passion into Success

I’m sure most of us, countless of times, have found ourselves getting into hobbies and quickly thinking up dreams of somehow making a living out of that particular activity. Some just keep it that way–a dream, never to be realised; others, like Daniel Borces, founder and member of local dream-pop band Subsonic Eye, take it as an opportunity for bigger things in life.


Daniel’s story starts when he was just in Primary school taking basic guitar lessons. He soon found himself ensnared by the sweet symphony of the old wooden string instrument.


“I picked up the guitar when I was in Primary School,” Daniel said. “It wasn’t really until Secondary School when I started doing something about it though.”

“Secondary School was when my ‘phase’ was happening. A lot of bad choices and it was also when I got introduced to this new genre known as ‘Pop Punk’,” Daniel reminisced. “At the time, I never really wrote songs as much as listen to songs that I felt I could connect to. When I liked it, I would try to learn how to play it on the guitar and record it on my computer. This is probably my only form of formal practice on the guitar.”


Daniel says that despite his memories being foggy, he remembers a leap from copying other people’s songs to writing his own riffs. This is where it all started to take off.


“At some point, I grew out of the whole ‘pop punk’ thing. Everyone I was listening to seemed to move away from that sound and they were doing this new version filled with synths and ‘dreamy’ sounds—this is what people would come to know as ‘dream-pop’,”


Daniel uses music as a form of escape. He says that he felt like writing a song whenever something bad happened. He could have gotten angry that day with another kid from school and when he got home, he wanted to transfer all that wave of emotional energy and turn it into music.


“I know I can’t sing so I really had to work around my strengths,” Daniel says. “It was really only in Polytechnic when I met Wahidah(vocalist), that I could start hearing the song coming to life.”

“It was so weird, really. I never understood how she worked so fast,” Daniel says. “But, I think, after some time of reading through her lyrics and hanging out with her, I started to realise. Most of the lyrics sounded a lot like what she’d been going through in her life.”


And it has only been going up from here for Daniel and his band. They have recently been catching air having recently done a tour in Hong Kong and even performing at Bay Beats 2017.

For anyone planning on pursuing music, Daniel just has one thing to say: “Don’t be someone you’re not. Be real.” Maybe I can leave this up to you to decrypt because I could not get any more than that.


Just remember one thing: If you love something, keep on it. You never know far you will go unless you try.

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