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Transform, Not Make Over

Over a decade ago, Makeover Studios popped up in town touting model portfolio quality photos for the typical woman on the street. Soon, the masses caught up with the knowledge that anyone and everyone can look fabulous with good hair and the right make-up. Captured in print was post photoshop images and single women no longer had wait for their wedding day make-up to have them looking the most beautiful ever. After all, most women wed later – hovering around the big 3-0.


Fast forward today, looking picture perfect (and styled like every other customer from the same old makeover studio format) is not enough. The key word is TRANSFORMATION. Be it marketing or just ingenious brand building, fashion celebs like Lady Gaga have proved that looking totally different every time pays. Word on the street is that more branding companies are splurging on such transformation workshops for their employees in pursuit of team-bonding and cultivating corporate values or simply brainstorming for new directions – No budget is spared in engaging these creative agencies.


Here’s a low down of the most Frequently Asked Quirks by people at work who are seeking Transformation in their make-up looks:


Super Power

It’s a childhood ambition to have super powers and you need it most

when faced with tough adversaries at work. This look could either

flatter by empowering the boss or ridicule the office clown. The trick

to look professional and powerful is to keep the cape coat, power

suit, the fancy collar (since it’s so on trend this season) and loose

the underwear on the outside. Seriously, drawing any attention to the

crotch in an office setting is career suicide. Slick back the hair, contoured

cheeks and bold lips complete the look.


Cross Over To The Dark Side

Try second guessing if the shirt-skirt-heels office girl on the subway

has an alternative lifestyle after work and images of goth, rock &

roll would most probably surface. After a long hard day at work, slap on the stick-on tattoos, smudge a jet black smokey eye with a crayon and use a dark lippie for an immediate transformation.


Hot & Wanted

Office romance is so tantalizing and understated. Look sedu-liciously hot without losing your clothes or modesty with sheer layered blouses,

high waisted skirts and big loose curls in the hair. Keep make-up

toned down with nudes yet defined eyes, dusty rose cheeks and sunset

pink lips. Don’t forget the va-va-room lingerie underneath for those

peek a boo moments.


Quiet Geek

It’s not hard to look intelligent even if you are not a MENSA member. Keep the hair neat and away from face to show off your contoured cheeks and bright peepers. Look people straight in the eye with good definition achieved by liner and mascara. Sculpt the bridge of your nose and forehead for the perfect finish.


Old World Elegance

Inspired by the likes of Louis Vuitton, European classics are en vogue again. We like to be reminded of the rich and opulent times when the finer things or moments in life are savored slowly and in limited quantities, despite the practical disposable generation that we are in. Go for quality in textures, fabrics and accessories. Couple with your vintage family heirloom to tell an enchanting tale.


New World Traveller

The frequent flyer’s mantra of the day is “less is more”. It seeks a minimalist lifestyle with multitasking tools to get the same results with lesser effort. This would leave enough space in the bag for hair pins to tame fly-aways, a scarf, a lip & cheek tint and a dark eye crayon to look presentable all the time!




– Rowene Law

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