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Totally Illustrated | Olivia Rose

Based in Hertfordshire, Olivia Rose has been drawing since she was young but started focusing on her drawings deeply when she was 16. She sold her artworks at Camden Market and specializes in fantasy art. Today, ActuallyMAG briefly speaks to the talented artist about her artworks.



Hi Olivia! What is the link to your website?




Where are you based?

Based in hertfordshire .



Tell us about your background.

I focus most of my attention on creating dark yet powerful illustrations that often focus on a single female character. I  juxtapose cute things with dark things leaving the viewer slightly confused and unsure as to whether they should be giggling or feeling slightly terrified. Their is a beauty within destruction and this is something I always want to put across in my illustrations. I use a number of materials to create my illustrations ranging from water-colors, Photoshop, markers and acrylic paints.

Are you drawing professionally or on a freelance basis?

I currently work as a freelance illustrator.



How long have you been doing illustrations?

I have been drawing since I was little but started to take it seriously at 16. This is when I started selling my artwork at camden market.



What is your specialisation? (eg; fashion, streetarts, object)

My specialisation  I would say is fantasy art I also enjoy fashion illustration.




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