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Totally Illustrated | Nicholas Lokasasmita


21 years of age and a passion for painting and the arts since childhood, ActuallyMAG speaks to the talented Nicholas Lokasasmita of Jakarta Indonesia about his artworks and the artists who are his influences.



Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Nicholas Lokasasmita, but can just call me nico. As you can see from my drawings, they describe me as: pretty naïve,  a loner and someone who doesn’t like being in a place that is full of people. And lastly, I’m afraid to talk to strangers. Seems like I’m kind of an introvert huh?



When did you first start drawing illustrations?

Before I started kindergarten! My father taught me a simple illustration; 2 mountains and a road between them. Since then, I always like to draw. When I was in elementary school,  I always get excited during a drawing class and sometimes, I get the highest score in class. Yippee ! But illustrating started becoming a regular part of my life when I started my college in 2009.



What is the inspiration behind your illustrations?

My life, my imagination, my dreams, my itunes, others people & their conversations.



Do you create other forms of art besides illustrations?

Umm not for now, but I do not know what will happen in my next life. Who knows?



What is a typical illustration process like for you?  What time of mediums do you use? (i.e watercolour, pen, colour pencils etc)

I prefer oil painting and canvas. But sometimes pencil, pen or ink is good too. When I use oil, I do not know why but I feel so free and I cannot seem to find something called ‘false’ in the painting.



Do you prefer to create illustrations on the computer or hands-on?

Of course hands-on. Because I’m in graphic design major, sometimes I illustrate with software too. But not too often. Just for doodling or when I am editing photographs with a weird quotes.



How long does it take for you to complete an illustration?

For drawing, I always finish on time as I just can’t wait for to draw something new. But for painting, it can be about 3 days or more, depending on the mood and condition.



Do other visual artists or even people influence your work?

From the past artists such as Paul Gauguin, Marc Chagall, Emil Nolde, Keith Harring and Matisse. They are my favourites. And definitely Salvador Dali of course! I have always admire his works and always imagine what is he thinking when he does his painting and how he did them. But I’m too far off from being a surreal. I just admire his paintings but not see it as an influence. Nowadays, I prefer artists such as Guim Tio, Marc Johns, Eko Bintang and Dan Mumford.



Do you have any advice for young and inspiring artists/illustrators?

Just draw and don’t think its ugly because every artwork has its own beauty ! Forget about the rules, because we are the outlaws!



If you want to see more of Nico’s artworks:

Website: http://nicholasasmita.co.cc
Deviantart : http://nicholasasmita.deviantart.com




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