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Totally Illustrated | Atistan Hema

Pick up your pen and paper guys because you are about to be inspired! Found on Instagram (gotta love this app!), Atistan Hema works wonders with the pen. ActuallyMAG speaks to the talented cover artist for the month of July on his insanely adorable illustrations.



Tell us a little about yourself.

Firstly, thank you so much for featuring me on ActuallyMAG! My name is Atistan Hema. Everyone call me as Tabletoh especially in Instagram and Facebook. I’ve  loved drawing since I was a child so I decided to pursue my Bachelor Degree in Art and Communication at Bangkok University.



When did you first start drawing illustrations?

I find myself at my most relaxed state when I draw. I have many sketchbooks but I only stated to focus more on drawing when a senior of mine shared his drawings on Instagram. Ever since, I have been sharing my drawings on Instagram and have gained very good feedback from my followers. Subsequently I paid more attention to drawings to deliver happiness to all of my followers.



All your illustrations are so colourful and fun! Is it a personal reflection of who you are?

Each drawing of mine is based on what I see in everyday life, what I see in a day, like animals, nature, people that I have met or even objects.



Your illustrations are adorable! What is the inspiration behind your illustrations?

My inspiration comes from within me, the scenarios and people that are surrounding me as well!



Do you create other forms of art besides illustrations?

Sure! I am studying Art and Communication Design majoring in Principles. My  course syllabus includes creating logos, corporate signages and many more. Drawing is my most favourite hobby!



How long does it take for you to complete an illustration?

It depends on a size of work. Normally, it takes me about less than 30 minutes to finish drawing for an A5 paper size.



Do other visual artists or even people influence on your work?

Yes, senior artists like Suntur and Mincha, are my inspiration to draw for sharing on Instagram.



Do you have an advice for young and inspiring artist/illustrators?

 I’m not very good at drawing so I won’t exactly be the best person to give advice. But in any case, many people have been asking me how to start drawing. My answer is to just pick up a pencil and draw something that you like is a very good start. Keep going at it and eventually you will pick up drawing! Don’t pay attention on how to colour them and what colour brands you should use. Just colour it naturally! Drawing is not really difficult; you just need to get started!


Check out Atistan’s illustrations:
Facebook: http://facebook.com/table.illust
Follow him on Instagram: http://followgram.me/tabletoh



– Liyana Meer



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