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Top 10 Favourite Moments at Future Music Festival Asia 2013

“It’s an honour for me to be playing in Malaysia. My father was from Penang”.
Having said that, Matt Tong (dummer of Bloc Party) took a long bow and exited the stage along with his bandmates while a loud applause erupted from the crowd. This is just one of our many favourite moments at Future Music Festival Asia 2013.

Located away from the hustle-and-bustle of Kuala Lumpur and situated near Sepang International Circuit(heads up, that’s where the F1 races are held), Future Music Festival Asia 2013 rocked our converse highcut sneakers off with 2 days of incredible music that had us dancing from early afternoon to the wee hours of the morning.

Sure it has been 2 weeks since FMFA2013 and this review may be a tad late but that’s how long it took us to recover from Armin Van Buuren’s euphoric set that sent us skyrocket-high into a trippy dimension , “exploring space” with Cosmic Gate,  partying(and bullsh*t!) with Rita Ora, forsee a good “Omen” of a rhapsodic performance by The Prodigy later in the evening and danced ourselves dizzy “gangnam style” with Psy.




Let’s remember our TOP 10 FAVOURITE MOMENTS at Future Music Festival Asia 2013!



1) World’s number 1 DJ, Armin Van Buuren, standing on top of the DJ podium with a wide smile on his face, overseeing the sea of club kids, hipsters, ordinary folks and ravers during Day 1: A State Of Trance. Epic.


2) Neverending lasershow that lighted up the dark night during Aly & Fila energetic closing set! Tiu tiu tiu!


3) Dougy Mandagi of The Temper Trap serenading the crowd with “Sweet Disposition” in the late afternoon on Day 2. With the Flamingo stage located infront of a majestic ferris wheel and under bright skies of cotton-candy white clouds, the atmosphere was so sublime that it felt like a dream.


4) Rita Ora kicking technical difficulties in the balls(and also giving them the finger) when her set was interrupted twice. However, the fiery-hot songstress still gave us a punchy power-packed performance after with hit singles such as “R.I.P” and “How We Do(Party)”. Did we also mention that we love her bright red dress which sported two slices of cheese in the front?


5) Everything about Zeds Dead set. They killed it with a perfect mix of electronic and dubstep that had the crowd anticipating the moment for the duo to drop the bass! Wub wub wub wub wub~


6) Receiving a double-dose of “Gangnam Style” during Psy’s set. According to him, the first performance was for us to record on our phones so we have something to remember by and the second performance was for all of us to go crazy and join him in doing the infectious dance routine. Double Gangnam Style, Double the fun!


7) Sing-a-long session to FUN.’s “We Are Young” with Nate Ruess and the rest of Sepang.


8) Getting a free ride on a scooter(proudly sponsored by Vespa) from the entrance to the festival site. This service was available throughout the day within the festival and became a life saviour to festival-goers who are too exhausted to walk after a long day of partying!


9) Kele Okereke’s wonderful showmanship during Bloc Party’s set. Dressed casually in basketball apparel, we love how he cheekily interacted with the crowd in between songs. “You like that don’t you, Malaysia?”; he cooed to the crowd, causing everyone(men and women) giggling to themselves and smitten by his English-politeness.


10) And how can we forget? The Prodigy ending FMFA2013 with a bang(!); performing their classic hit, “Out of Space”. Fans of the British band went crazy when the introduction of the song started playing. And i literally mean, out-of-their-wits nuts! “I’ll take your brain to another dimension! Pay close attention!” sang Maxim Reality. Well, we were “taken” alright and transported back to 1992;  where Macaulay Culkin was lost in New York in Home Alone 2 and Kurt Cobain was still rocking out at concerts with “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.



Well done, Future Music Festival Asia 2013.
You have outdone yourself this year and we are impressed.

We can’t wait for next year’s installment of FMFA!

Text by: Erin Riduan
*Images courtesy of Livescape Asia



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