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To Spread the Love of Zakka

Zakka – old-style / vintage / retro / handmade / fashion


Tokyo-inspired married-couple Mike and Ivery decided to start a Zakka movement right here in Malaysia 6 years ago after several travels to the city of Zakka. It all started with the Pipit.com forum (Pipit means little bird in the Malay language). Down the road of pioneering the movement, the couple holds annual Pipit Wonderful Market to gather like-minded designers, showcase Indie artwork and spread the movement. And finally, the Pipit Zakka store decided to make its humble presence known in SS2, Petaling Jaya.


Mike, an artist himself, with an interest in drawing and a background in 3D animation, understands the challenges of artists in Malaysia, thus chooses to create a platform for over 20 Indie artists from both local and overseas. The concept store or gallery, as he calls it, showcases a range of handmade work – adorable plush toys, pretty purses, cool bags, funky accessories, cute cards, and more to explore. There is even a cosy exhibition space to support talented and potential artists.


Pipit Zakka aspires to be the antithesis of what the world is today, commercialism and mass production. Where is the fun when thousands of others own the same item as you do? Handmade work only means one thing – they are unique and come in limited numbers.


Besides being a keen supporter of Indie work, Mike and Ivery are also interior designers themselves. Whilst most head to Ikea for furniture, they went frenzy picking discarded old chairs, tables and ladder, turning them into the next coolest and unique furniture in town. Appreciation for used wood is clearly visible in the scented gallery, which adds to the richness of Zakka. Old Milo tin, retro watches and old-school candies further heighten the feeling of vintage.


Old school is the new school. Pipit Zakka has already spread its seedlings to almost all regions, with customers from Dubai, Argentina, Germany, US and more. However, the Malaysian market has yet to thrive like in Taiwan or Japan. And it will remain a challenge for Pipit Zakka to take flight whilst staying rooted to its believe.


– Lee Yvonne


To find out more about the Pipit Zakka store, please visit www.pipitzakkastore.com, or www.facebook.com/pipitzakkastore to view and purchase handmade works, not forgetting personal interaction with Mike and Ivery themselves!


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