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The Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition 2013

Hand crafted sculptures
The Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition is a reminder that the greatest works of art are the ones that hold the most meaning behind them. Held as part of the Yellow Ribbon Fund’s 10th anniversary celebrations,  this exhibition showcases paintings and sculptures done by inmates and ex-convicts, all of whom are looking for a new lease in life.

Do not be hindered by the fact that the works are not done by skilled artists and craftsmen. The pieces here could very well be part of a commercial art exhibition. As moving as they are, what is most striking about the artwork is the descriptions and stories behind them. Written by the prisoners themselves, the stories behind these paintings and sculptures tell of the artists’ need to move forward in life after the mistakes that they have made.

The regret that these individuals hold when they look back at their past is also reflected in their work, as is the guilt they feel from having disappointed those closest to them because of their actions.




But there is a silver lining – the tinge of hope for a brighter future that the artists have.

The quote ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ comes into play here. There have been many books about life in jail and the thoughts of an ex-convict, but what we see in this exhibition will give a much deeper insight into how these individuals feel.

The public can be part of this movement as well. Visitors, if they see a piece that they like may choose to ‘adopt’ it for a small sum of money which then goes to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. The Yellow Ribbon Fund seeks to stop discrimination against ex-convicts, and to help them turn over a new leaf once they’re out of jail.


The exhibition runs from the 12th to the 28th of July at the Singapore Art Museum, so come down and show your support for second chances.




Text by: Nishanthini Ganesan
*Images courtesy of Yellow Ribbon Project Singapore





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