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The Used Live in Singapore | Concert Review


“We apologize for not coming to Singapore sooner! Singapore has been great so far, we love Laksa!” uttered The Used vocalist, Bert Mccraken, to an ecstatic crowd at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore last week.The singer expressed his regret for not making Singapore a pitstop in their tour when they were travelling towards our side of the world back in 2011. The band was in Singapore for a one night only show as part of their ‘Vulnerable’ tour to promote their album. Opening for them were our local alternative rock heroes, Caracal, who warmed up the crowd who were anxious for The Used’s debut in Singapore.

Upon the band’s entrance to the stage, fans were in a state of amazement as Bert’s signature shaggy and unkempt long hair was long gone and he was sporting a short haircut which was dyed neon pink. “My teenage angst idol looks so different!” shouted a fan in the crowd and some of us chuckled because the same thought was running through our minds too. But our thoughts were immediately interrupted once the lead vocalist opened his mouth and greeted the strong crowd of fans. Looking at us in the audience with his ‘crazy eyes’ and constantly telling us to hush by putting his index finger on his lips, it’s still the same old Bert Mccraken alright. The lead vocalist is known for his eccentric behaviour on stage and we love every bit of it!



Opening the show with ‘Listening’, off their 2004 album ‘In Love and Death’, the already pumped-up audience went into a convulsion of headbanging and sing-along at the top of their lungs and some even started a mini moshpit during the third song! When the band performed ‘I Caught Fire’,  some fansremoved themselves from the moshpit and began bodysurfing through the crowd. Their attempts were soon interrupted by security who ushered the ‘bodysurfers’ away. Despite the strict security, it was refreshing for us to see the fans, young or old, executing crazy gig antics.

The Used continued performing our favourite hits by them such as ‘Buried Myself Alive’ and  Bert Mccraken added a dash of spunk during ‘The Taste Of Ink’ by remixing it with a little rap to our delight. Belting out a blend of songs from their old and new albums throughout the night, fans were thrilled as the setlist was close to perfect. In addition to that, Bert Mccraken was amazing at interacting with the audience, constantly pausing in between songs to smile to the crowd and making jokes at the “wong place wong time”. Bert was on fire and the audience loved him. The highlight of the night has to be a tie between The Used performing the introduction of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ before their last song, ‘A Box Of Sharp Objects’ or how Bert split the crowd  into two columns and ordered for a ‘Wall of Death’. We dared not join however we loved witnessing every moment of it!

The only “ummm” moment at the show? Well let’s just say we did not like how he spat on a fangirl’s face when she professed her love for him at the top of her lungs. But Bert Mccraken is just being… Bert.




Thank you Live Empire for giving us the opportunity to cover this show!




Text by: Erin Riduan
Images by: Trisno Dimas



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