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The Tyre House


The existence of tyres is a revolution to mankind. Now it serves yet another revolutionary purpose, yet known to many. In fact, it might just sound unbelievable.


It started off with the fundamental epiphany – ‘are tyres, heat insulator or heat conductor?’


To those who are less inclined to the world of physics, Formula 1 and cars, the answer would come as a surprise. Tyres are actually heat conductor that transmits heat fast enough, so much so that the tyres cease to explode with immense heat caused by friction and speed (as all should know, heat causes expansion).


By applying this discovery to the built environment, Lincoln and his family built their home on the foundation of tyres.


Yes, you read me right, tyres!


Beneath their home in Semenyih, Malaysia, lay hundreds of discarded (free) tyres, which function as foundation, but most importantly, heat sinks. Heat sink simply means an object that transfers thermal energy from high temperature to low temperature. And these tyres serve the essential purpose of removing heat from the interior of their home into the ground below. Consequently, removing the need of air-conditioning. With the ceiling fan switched on, it felt nothing less like an air-conditioned room – cool.


However, as with all other ‘green’ buildings, the house alone will not contribute positively to the environment as more often than ever, occupancy behaviour determines the amount of energy-savings achievable. In order to fully utilize the features in the house of keeping the heat out, windows are kept closed during the day, and opened when the exterior environment is cool. It is an application of understanding the tropical weather of Malaysia.


To live up to its name of a tyre house, tyres are also being used to create a pond and the retaining walls. The retaining walls, which contain hidden pipes that support the interlaying tyres filled with soil, is an opportunity for plants to grow, creating a beautiful green fence around the house.


By reusing waste as building materials and decreasing energy consumption, Lincoln is reducing the burden of the environment to provide for his family’s comfort. He believes in caring for the environment for the sake of his children, what about you?



– Lee Yvonne



To find out more features on the tyre house, please visit http://www.smartncool.net.



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