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The New Bad Boy in Town | REVERIE Wearable Connection

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new bad boy in town, and we are psyched. A brand that seeks to represent not only artists and musicians but extreme sports athletes too is definitely badass in our books. Reverie Wearable Connection was created by young men with big dreams. We’ve heard of many success stories, but what strikes a chord in us particularly with Reverie is the sheer belief and determination in their craft – that every aspect of inspiration and expression should be kept a cycle. A lifestyle brand that advocates the expression of artists, extreme athletes and musicians – doesn’t get any more wholesome than that!


What is Reverie?

Reverie Wearable Connection is a lifestyle brand primarily focused on the connection and expression of artists, extreme athletes and musicians – whilst projecting to the masses. Connecting mediums or products includes Artist designed tees, apparels, events, and competitions. And yes, dreamt, built and bred in Singapore.


What makes Reverie different from other clothing lines?

We feel that on the grounds of Reverie WC, the elements of marvel, inspiration and expression should be kept a cycle – whether you’re the one who designs the shirt, or the one who wears the shirt. We want to explore and express a whole new level of connection and community.


Tell us about your team and the founders and how you came up with the idea of Reverie?

It started with observation – people observation. Founder Muhd. Hussein, noticed a whole lot of passion and talents going around and understood that with the right platform, a lot can be achieved. The first few events organized were the Reverie Sepang Supermoto Challenge and Reverie Moving Block Skate Challenge – which gained a good amount of support.
It all kept going and soon, our very own team of artists and riders ranging from Wakeboarding, Skateboarding and Supermoto were formed.


Talk us through a typical design process for Reverie.

We’re still on our way to develop a full wing, so currently most of our design ideas and discussions are held over random void decks or cafes. The design team would sit together over Big Gulp and discuss about the next big project and its direction. As for our Artist Series collection, we would invite an artist that we have selectively chosen to feature their works for that particular series.


Who and what are Reverie’s main influences?

Artists who feel empowered and liberated to express their ideas like Clogtwo.
Also, sports and art focused brands like Rebel8 and Hart & Huntington.


What are the challenges you faced while building Reverie and the brand?

At the beginning of every brand’s journey, the point of acceptance by the masses is always a challenge. Along the way, there’s always something or someone that might delude you. The key is to trust your people and focus on the direction you should go.


With the main vision of Reverie to support art, music and extreme sports, how many of you are mad for extreme sports?

Most of us are adrenaline junkies. We like the pursuit of progression and achieving something out of nothing. So yes, you can say that the madness runs pretty wild and more than just a number.


Do you think that clothing lines inspired by art and music will be the focus of the future?

With the support that we have had, the possibilities are on the bright side.
We believe that the impact or focal point of anything greatly depends on the minds and effort behind it. We look forward to see what’s in store.


We heard that Reverie’s apparel has already been on local TV! How do you hope to appeal to your target market through media?

Yes, Reverie WC was featured in Suria and will it definitely be marked as part of our milestone. We hope that the recognition and understanding of Reverie would be something more than just a clothing line, but a whole new art, put forward by a community of thrivers, pursuing all that they believe in.


What about your collaboration with Clog Two? What sparked that idea and which designers do you aspire to work with?

ClogTwo is an amazing artist. Very humble and passionate in what he does. We knew we just had to work with him. The idea began when Hussein randomly had a chat with him and started exchanging views, from there on, the Reverie X Clogtwo collaboration begins. We aspire to work with Katun Rahman from Malaysia and Inkten from Singapore. Keep a look out!


What are Reverie’s plans for the future?

We hope to work closely with community-based organizations and give as much as we’ve received. We foresee sending our riders to pursue regional achievements through competitions, achieve more upcoming collaborations and expand our customer base, hopefully regionally. We’re taking one step at a time. Thank you all for your endless support!

Check out Reverie Wearable Connection on Facebook and at their site.


– Liyana Meer

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