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The Lembing Experience

A midnight drive to Panorama Hill for an early morning huff-puff climb in the dark, to see the glorious sunrise. (Imagine: shades of red and orange around the golden sun, with funky clouds around it to spice up the picture.)


Oh yes, I did all that, except the last. I suppose I have little faith in the Sun, who refused to reveal its magnificence despite my being there, twice!


Nonetheless, it was still an impressive view, being at the peak above the clouds, I had flashbacks of Disney cartoons, where one could swim mindlessly amongst those fluffy, inviting clouds. (One could really jump into the clouds, but I reckon it wouldn’t be too pleasant to see what’s below.)


It was alright to miss the talked-about view. At least I had something else to make my trip worthwhile. The famous yong tau fu awaited me at the bottom of the hill! I am most honest now, I have never tasted tofu as smooth as the ones found here at Sungai Lembing! Imagine eating tofu with the texture of tau huey (豆花). It was heavenly!


I was curious, what made the tofu here so delicious? It seems rather unfair that I have to drive miles and miles to have a taste of such tofu. Apparently, the secret lies in the water! I suppose it is effortless for the people here to make super-silky-smooth tofu, with a water source from the hill. And it is not just the tofu, every drop of water used in this kampong comes from the hill as well. Wow… ‘Another glass of ice water please?’


One can also rent bicycles for a ride around this kampong. It was definitely a change from our usual fast-paced urban lifestyle. There weren’t many cars to begin with; the air was fresh, people were easy-going, lots of greenery, basically peacefulness. My friends and I were guided by a fellow kampong-er into the kitchen of a noodle-making store, or to be precise, the backyard of the house through an open gate, only to find no one there. I suppose they think no bad people exist in this kampong. Anyway, we were there for famous kampong noodles, but we didn’t wait long enough for the cook to return.


All in all, it took only one morning to enjoy everything the kampong has to offer. I was already too tired to do anything else, after an uncomfortable journey sleeping in the car, the hour long climbing up and down the hill, and the leisure cycling around the not-so-flat kampong. Time to snooze my way back home.


– Lee Yvonne


Sungai Lembing (Panorama Hill) is located 42km northwest of Kuantan, Pahang, East of Peninsular Malaysia.


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