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The Lady | A Movie Review

“Based on a true story” is how this movie started. The Lady traces the emotional journey of Suu Kyi’ s political career which began in the 1980s during the Burmese student protests until her release in 2010. It is a love story about how an extraordinary couple and family sacrifice their life and happiness for a greater human cause. It is an extremely real and touching story portrayed by Michelle Yeoh and David Thewlis.

The director, Luc Besson who is famous for action movies, is also known for ‘courage and love’ themes in his movies. In this movie he brings warmth and pure joy by capturing the genuine performance of the actors.
It is always very inspiring to see courage and determination by people who have so much passion and commitment to make things happen. We applaud the fighting spirit of Suu Kyi, as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. This movie is also about the journey of Michelle Yeoh and writer Rebecca Frayn that took 4 years to finally make the movie come alive. You can see Michelle Yeoh’s devotion and belief in Suu Kyi’s story. Michelle has been promoting this movie tirelessly without a complaint.

The Lady has been criticised for not bringing up Suu Kyi’s political indepth. However this movie is not about political debates, blood and heavy weight political figure involvement. Besson chose to focus on the journey of love between Suu Kyi and Michael – the love and commitment between 2 people and their children. We have heard so much about Suu Kyi from the media reports, it is heart warming to see the support that Michael has given to his wife’s career. All the effort, pain, happiness and sacrifice they have both experienced throughout the entire period.

This movie brings me tears on numerous occasions. It is truly an impressive performance – this movie will definitely win you over.


– Paul Khor

*Images courtesy of Golden Village 

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