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The Gilded Castles of Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is a whirlwind mix of the vibrant colors and intricate smells. As I stroll through the eclectic markets perched upon smooth grey cobblestones, trinkets of bronze, turquoise rocks and metallic beading glow and twinkle as wafts of soft sweet lavender float amongst the soft smell of freshly baked bread. Looking around, the sound of aimless chatter and laughter fills my ears as I browse through wooden stands of vintage postcards, delicate lace doilies and intricate embroidered art depicting scenes of Slovakian myths.


After a steep climb up the winding hill road and stairs, I finally reached the summit of Bratislava and its towering Castle. The Bratislava Castle is a magnificent structure towering far into the wisps of clouds, grand and imposing with its ivory walls and vermillion-tiled roof. The delicate angled structures that surround the castle boast medieval knights, lances and shields, all with turrets dipped in a fine corn-yellow gold. Standing from afar, the statues seem only to add to the opulence and grandeur that is the exterior of the Bratislava Castle. An eccentric mix of the modern and medieval is just what Bratislava embodies, a progressing Slovakian town with a rich coat of historic gilding, a place that filled me with wonder and inspiration for days to come.




Steph Chan




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