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The 5 Bloodsucker Titles To Take Note Of (If You Haven’t Already)

In 2008, a movie about a normal high school girl who shifts into a new town, meets and falls in love with a vampire, and encounters other vampires both friendly and hostile, was released. Sounds familiar? It probably rings an immediate bell in your head, unless you haven’t been to the movies, watched television, or went online since forever. Heck, you’d probably have to be from Al-Qaeda if you haven’t heard of this movie. Yes, of course I’m talking about Twilight, the now world-famous vampire saga that took the world by storm around three years ago, grossing nearly two billion dollars in total revenue.

The movie, widely enjoyed by people of all ages (well, mostly preteen girls who wage online wars about the whole Team Edward versus Team Jacob topic, but let’s face it: it does have its own share of male and adult fans), caused quite a uproar around the world, with fans of the movie and original novel series clamouring to get their hands on anything Twilight-related, be it books, DVDs or other random memorabilia. But one of the most notable phenomenon Stephenie Meyer caused was the rise of similar vampire movies.

Do take note, however, that these subsequent vampire shows take after the Twilight series quite closely, in terms of characters, setting, and general development of the storyline. You’ll find most of it familiar: most of these shows are set in a high school, it usually has a relatively hot “average” dude who gets bitten by a vampire (or a werewolf, because what would vampires do without their favourite lifelong arch enemies?), then slowly starts to turn into one of their kind. Oh, there’s always a hot girl who somehow gets into the mess, along with a good human friend who usually stays human and would most probably die sometime during the series. And the most prominent feature of all these modern vampire/werewolf shows? Love. In modern times, romance has always been incorporated into shows that supposedly revolve around supernatural beings. But that attracts a massive female audience, so I can see where the appeal lies. So in any case, the point is: don’t be surprised if the story sounds familiar.


Here are 5 vampire/werewolf series to take note if you haven’t already watched them, in no particular order:


1. True Blood
One of the earliest vampire shows to pop up following the initial Twilight movie. The main story revolves around a telepath, Sookie, who has found her ability to unconsciously read the thoughts of people around her to be more of a burden than a blessing. She encounters an age-old vampire, Bill, and they fall in love at first sight (what’s new).

Nothing particularly new about the plot and characters, but the direction of the series and periodic twists in the plot development keep viewers glued to the story. Well done on taking a used setting and turning it into one of the most successful vampire shows in recent times, Alan Ball.


2. Vampire Diaries
Put one hot girl, two hot vampire brothers at loggerheads with each other for decades, and a witch with strong latent powers, and you get a formula for instant success. Elena Gilbert, a normal high school student, meets 162-year-old vampire Stefan Salvatore, who immediately gets attracted to her because of a past love that is the spitting image of Elena. However, things do not go so smoothly, as his brother, Damon, is also interested in her for the same reason.

One of the most compelling themes of this series that keeps the story so alive is the love-hate relationship between the two brothers. Most of the time, they act with hostility toward each other, yet occasionally, their brotherly “love” is evident as they team up to battle enemy forces. Definitely a must-watch if for nothing other than to see if the two brothers decide to put an end to their hostile relationship, or to continue as vampire siblings on opposite sides of the moral fence.


3. Being Human
We’ve probably seen enough vampire shows to last us a lifetime (maybe even a vampire’s lifetime), but there aren’t that many shows that feature a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost as the three main protagonists of the show. Not much can be said of the show and its progression at the moment as it’s still in its first season, but the wide variety of casts, coupled with a dark, somewhat morbid atmosphere puts this show on the list as a series worth following.


4. Teen Wolf

The one and only werewolf series allowed into the list. If you were to go online and check out the plot for this show, you might get the feeling that “oh it’s about a boy who gets bitten by a werewolf, how creative”. No arguments that the initial development might seem all too familiar, but it’s the setting and theme of the show that makes a morose theme seem light-hearted. The characters in the show are down-to-earth and relatable, and watching it somehow makes you feel you can understand what these characters are going through, despite the supernatural theme. It’s also another series in its first season, so give it some time and allow it to grow, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

5. Moonlight

Although only in its first season, Moonlight has already gathered a loyal online fan base and following, achieveing viewership ratings of approximately seven to eight million viewers per episode. The story is pretty simple: a vampire private investigator, who was turned by his now ex-wife and vampire 55 years ago, meets a young female reporter and they fall in love. However, the plot starts to thicken as characters realise that their fates are more intertwined than they care to believe, with each of the characters, vampire or human, struggling to come to terms with coexistence with each other. Nothing fancy, but it is refreshing to see a vampire series that emphasies such realism to the point where you almost consider the series to be of a slice-of-life genre featuring a few vampires here and there. Certainly worth checking out especially if you’re sick of all the cheesy romance and mushy lines that are, in modern times, almost deemed a necessity in vampire series.


– Bjorn Teo

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