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Tan Chu Jie | Film Photographer

Introducing homegrown photographer, Tan Chu Jie, and his take on film photography. Shooting his subjects with an emotional edge, Chu Jie’s photographs tells the most vulnerable stories of growing up in Lion City with his inexpensive Kodak 400. We have recently collaborated with him for our new in-house collection; a promising series called EVERYDAY. This week, we managed to grab him for a quick interview on how he is able to produce beautiful photographs from his skilled perspective.
Q: What is your brand @t.cj all about and when did it all started for you as a photographer?

A: It all began when I took on Photography (Fine Arts) back in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.
Since I started, I have been shooting exclusively in film and the reason why I chose this as my medium is due to the distinctive finish film adds to the pictures I have photographed. They evoke a certain kind of emotion not present in their digital counterpart, which is crucial to my style in photography.

My subjects are mainly humans, and through my photographs, I aim to bring out a sense of obscured tenderness, hurt and sheer vulnerability; traits one seldom is able to see in a dominant male figure.
Q: What do you foresee yourself doing, in terms of photography, in the near future?

A: I would love to get my works showcased on magazines, and even though the prevalent view in such an industry is that the digital art form always prevails over it’s film counterpart, in actual fact it is not necessarily so.

I want to change how the general public see and perceive films, and ultimately allow people to appreciate that film photography is still relevant even today.
Q: So CJ, is there anything we can expect from you soon? Any upcoming works or events that you might be able to tease and share with our dear readers?

A: Well, my works will be showcased from March 22 to April 10 at Lim Hak Tai Gallery at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition is called “Photomakers of NAFA” and I am currently also working on producing a photo book with an editor whom I used to work with, so things are looking pretty interesting in the pipeline!
Words our home grown photographer Tan Chu Jie lives by?
“Feelings are not describle materials – they always stand beyond words.”
For more of his work, do follow him at @t.cj on Instagram, and also do show your love and support for our homegrown Film Photographer by checking out his work at the upcoming Photomakers of NAFA Exhibition:

22 March – 10 April 2016
Photomakers of NAFA Exhibition
11am – 7pm
CLOSED every Monday and Public Holiday
*Text and Images courtesy of Tan Chu Jie

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