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SWIMS | Stylish Galoshes


My attention was first caught by the name SWIMS; both having that as a name for shoe brand and the idea of it being unique. Brainchild of Johan R. SWIMS is not a new invention.  Galosh, outer shoes worn in inclement weather to protect the inner shoes and keep feet dry that are usually made of waterproof material have been around for years.


SWIMS was born by adding design to his own experience, and from there it became a new and unique product. A modern galosh, and a stylist one. SWIMS are made of Cashmere Rubber and the polished inner-lining. Technical consideration is put into every aspect of this shoe.


Many designed products, which are produced for the sake of design do not serve much of a functional purpose. SWIMS however are practical and really useful.  They either protect your expensive shoes from the rain, or you could put on a beautiful pair of SWIMS to cover your ugly shoes should you do desire. Suddenly you’ve got designer footwear on!


Traditional galoshes are clumsy, thick and oversized. SWIMS manages to be not just a galosh, but a fashion statement.


If you live in a city that rains a lot, carry SWIMS in your bag!


– Paul Khor


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