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Street-style Photographers Series | Onin Lorente

On any given day, you’ll find Onin Lorente trolling the streets of Singapore, Thailand, Manila and every other city in Asia. Photographing stylish people the world over, Onin captures spontaneous candid moments that translate into a charismatic photograph. It’s evident that Onin has developed a unique trademark in his shots – one that tells a story of the subjects he shoots.


With features in Vogue Paris and Glamour Paris, Onin has proven that he is more than some cool mysterious dude with a blog – he’s a major force in on-the-street-photography.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I like fashion in general. But what I am more passionate about is photography. I follow online websites such as FashionGoneRouge, Fashionisto, FotoDecadence, Sartorialist and JakandJil among others.


In 2010, I was inspired and decided to change my website which started in 2008, from general fashion like reporting trends, runways shows, interviews to street style photography. I wanted it to be a product of my own. Little by little, I learned how to do the process from the technical side of photography to eyeing and persuading ordinary stylish people to be photographed. I am passionate about it.


How long have you been taking street-style photographs?
It will be 2 years this coming May 2012.


What draws you to take a photograph of someone?

Personality. They are the ones who stand out from the throng, without knowing that they do. They dress well but their character and personality shines more than the outfit. Or it can even complement. It is not too contrived. I prefer two things – simplicity with a little twist and trendy but not overly done.


Do you have any tricks to get people to relax when shooting them?
I introduce myself, hand out my card and present my works. I gain their trust this way. It is easier to photograph people when they are comfortable and relaxed. I also talk to them during and after I photograph them. I try to capture the most candid moment. It is also about a professional and friendly attitude.


What are your favourite places or street corners for spotting and shooting your stylish subjects?

My favourite places are from Orchard Road down to City Hall and Bugis in Singapore and around Makati in Manila. I admire the mature and sophisticated fashion in central Hong Kong and the playfulness and youthfulness in Siam Center, Bangkok. I also like the touristy ambience in Siem Reap, Cambodia and Hanoi, Vietnam.


You have been to various countries to shoot people on the street. Which country has been the most inspiring to you so far and why?

Every city has something different to offer. But I really like the art scene and tourist mood in Siem Reap, Cambodia and the dynamism of Hong Kong.


How is your street-style blog different from others?
I believe Style Anywhere is the only website that features street style and fashion week events in Asia.


Do you remember the first great photo you took?

The most memorable would be my grandmother’s photo. She was smiling at me and her eyes were radiating with joy. I used my first camera then. And I think that was the first great photo I took.


Before, I always thought that I could shoot in Programme mode and just do post-processing and achieve the desired result. Shooting on manual mode is different and I believe that is when you get good photos.


Share with us how you think someone can take a good fashion photo
Good lighting and composition, clean background, and of course an interesting subject.


What is a wardrobe staple for you?
A good pair of leather shoes, a blazer and trousers and an Oxford shirt.


If there were something you would consider a timeless trend, what would it be?

A white shirt paired with denim jeans.


Are there any current projects/exhibitions that you are working on?

I am still doing contributions for magazines around Asia. I am waiting for the perfect time when I can curate an exhibition of the photos I have taken or probably start on book. We’ll see. I believe in perfect timing.


What are your plans for Style-Anywhere in the near future?

Hopefully, I can cover fashion week from the major fashion capitals of the world, like Paris, Milan, London and New York. Fingers- crossed! I am also planning to venture into something related to photography and fashion around Asia.


– Liyana Meer


For more amazing street-style photography by Onin Lorente, do visit Style-Anywhere.

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